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Reuben Eyes                      A member of “ The Twelve Tribes of Israel from the tribe of Reuben”. I am the writer and producer ,along with the composing of all my productions, I have got my own studio “Zion Connection Production Studio “, located at #1 Collins Avenue, Clarence Trace Valencia . Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. I generate the art form via reggae music to share with the public at large. My main focus is edification through music. Reuben Eyes can be contacted via e-mail Mobile: 1868-344-3113.
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Naturaliss Naturaliss is a Reggae/Dancehall Artist/Record Producer, Birth Name Damian Gordon Born October 8, 1982. Naturaliss is from a big community Islington in the poorest parish in Jamaica St. Mary. Naturaliss attended St. Mary Technical High School between 1996-2000 and Mary mount Business Department between 2000-2002. Nautraliss was successful in seven cxc passes. Naturaliss had a great interest in music and started out on a quest to break out on the music scene so he leave Islington and set out for Kingston. For bookings and other information visit For bookings and other info email: contact 1876-468-4178
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St. Paul and Timi Television Serving as a counter attack for the current state of music, the "Celestial Waters" project is an organic reggae and hip hop influenced recording project that began about a year and a half ago (early 2009) by dub warriors Timi Television, and St Paul. Celestial Waters is a mixture of instrumental and vocal songs written from an international perspective, dealing with a host of universal topics that every race and creed of people can identify with. Targeting the youth Both Timi and Saint are pioneers at their own craft and play a variety of instruments including bass, guitar, drums, piano. Timi plays in several different live bands and St Paul is involved in releasing a series of international hip hop mixes. Their first single is called Revolution. Stay tuned for more info on the project and release dates.
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Haile Yes Us birth name Bryan Hamilton was born in the deep south' Jacksonville Florida in the mid 70's at the age of 15 he met members of the Rastafarian Church ''Nyahbinghi'' also other Pan African Organizations such as ''The Nation of Islam'' Black Hebrew Israelites'' etc... Reggae musicians took a interest in Haile Yes-Us teaching him how to play Guitar, Drums, Bass etc.. .from that time Haile begin to play and travel, playing ..)Haile Yes-Us (The Power of Christ) brings a exciting point of view to Reggae music in his search for Salvation! See more of Haile Yes-Us works at

Radio inna Babylon

broadcasting roots culture dancehall and dub riddims fi chant down babylon and promoting Jamaican aka reggae music
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live mix selection by DJ NorthAfrican listen to previous live mix selections by DJ NorthAfrican and watch out fi di next one Every Saturday and Sunday 01.00 am euro Babylonian time new live mix (if no live mix previous will be broadcast ed) Advertise advertise on our site.
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advertising with a audio track on the radio station is also possible
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