Naturaliss is a Reggae/Dancehall Artist/Record Producer, Birth Name Damian Gordon Born October 8, 1982. Naturaliss is from a big community Islington in the poorest parish in Jamaica St. Mary. Naturaliss attended St. Mary Technical High School between 1996-2000 and Mary mount Business Department between 2000-2002. Nautraliss was successful in seven cxc passes. Naturaliss had a great interest in music and started out on a quest to break out on the music scene so he leave Islington and set out for Kingston. Naturaliss would walk daily in the hot boiling sun to record studios with no contact trying to get producers to listen to his demo tape but was turned away. Naturaliss went to a particular record studio namely Down Sound Records and waited around and squeeze in while someone was entering. Naturaliss managed to get someone to listen to his demo tape and the person liked a particular song titled “Mamma” However the person instructed Naturaliss to rerecord that particular song and come back and he did. The person found another problem with the engineering of the song and instructed Naturaliss to get it corrected. Naturaliss was frustrated and didn’t return. Naturaliss made the ultimate choice to start his own record label. Naturaliss had a cousin named Dario Dixon who is a engineer and a producer so they both teamed up and started CR3 Records. Naturaliss would venture out and drop off numerous amount of CD’S to various Radio station and the wouldn’t play it, He later received a call from DJ’S demanding money for the songs to be played. Naturaliss decided he would be a part of of the payola. Having other producers out their who is paying for their project to be played makes it difficult for your to play as a young artist and upcoming producer. Naturaliss strongly feels that the broadcasting commission should intervene and clean up payola. Naturaliss released a number of projects with CR3 Records: “Shanty Town Album” which contains 12 tracks, hit single like “Funtime, Only You, featuring Shea, Tun Ova and Foreign” “Suffa Mi” which contains 16 tracks hit single like “She Be Like” featuring a Jamaican Rapper Birdie, Murda Murda featuring Birdie and Mamma". All Cr3 Records and Naturaliss Music can be found on and all leading online stores for download. Naturaliss performed around his community and later performed on smile Jamaica and other major shows. Naturaliss is on projects with Vibz Kartel, Boscom X and Black Rhyno namely “Gerrison Code Riddim and Sabatoge Riddim” produced by Zigludon Records. Naturaliss is ready to work with any producer or label who is willing to work with him. Seeing the disaster around the world mainly Haiti Naturaliss and a group of Cr3 Records artiste decided to do a Tribute in aid of rebuilding Haiti titled All is Not Gone/Tribute to Haiti. All is not gone is set to be released on very soon so support it and look out!

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