Timi Television & St Paul - Celestial Waters

Serving as a counter attack for the current state of music, the "Celestial Waters" project is an organic reggae and hip hop influenced recording project that began about a year and a half ago (early 2009) by dub warriors Timi Television, and St Paul. Celestial Waters is a mixture of instrumental and vocal songs written from an international perspective, dealing with a host of universal topics that every race and creed of people can identify with. Some of their songs sound like an eclectic version of Damian Marley and Nas, however songs on the Celestial Waters project have a more of a futuristic feel, similar to MIA. The project is also very mystical. On countless occasions,Timi has been known Jimi Hendrix vibe, while St Paul is a big fan of Amir "Questlove" Thompson (The Roots). The duo started creating songs in the classroom -- working to convert some of Philadelphia's most criminally minded and spiritually neglected youth into individuals who have options and appreciate life. Using that as a foundation, they began conceptualizing the project outside the classroom. Targeting the youth Both Timi and Saint are pioneers at their own craft and play a variety of instruments including bass, guitar, drums, piano. Timi plays in several different live bands and St Paul is involved in releasing a series of international hip hop mixes. For recording they use live instruments, as well as software based recording and production tools such as Reason, Garageband, and Protools. Their first single is called Revolution. Stay tuned for more info on the project and release dates.